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Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Update & Giveaway!!

Hey, Blogging Buddies!!

How is your summer going?

CMash, Julie & I are kicking it! We're lounging at the beach laying around doing nothing but looking at the hotties & eating bonbons!!

Here is an awesome postcard they had made in honor of us:

Just kidding! We've all actually be reading, reading, and reading trying to keep up with all of these challenges we've gotten ourselves into! :0
Personally I'm at 29! Oh, my, it sounds kind of bad when you say it like that...

So how, is the challenge going for each of you?

I'm a little behind. I've only read & reviewed (with Thank You's) 9 books so far this year. That means that the year is more than half over and I've not yet even finished half of the twenty four I promised. Ugh!!

Where are you? Are you reading & reviewing the books that were suggested by others? Did you remember to publicly thank them?

Well, just to spice things up, I'll be giving away a $10 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card to one of the people who have Read, Reviewed & Recognized a book that was suggested to them. All you need to do to enter is to enter a link to your review on our Recognize page.
* All of the entries since we started will be included.
* The giveaway ends on August 31st. I'll announce the winner in September.

Until then... Get Reading!