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CMash said...

Marce had this great 4.5 review on her site, Not A serial Killer. I hope to read it this year, so thought I better keep track of it and wanted to share in care anyone is into mystery/suspense.

Hott Books - Gina said...

Awesome, Sounds like a terrific book!

Marce said...

Great, thanks Cheryl and I got the recommendation from Book Chick City.

I sent you an email with some clarity questions.

Marce said...

Darlene's review made me add this one to my Wishlist list immediately, definitely will read this year.

Dizzy C said...

OK, folks, I need help.

Can we link here to a review so that we can share it with others now? I have seen a couple of reviews where I now have the book on my wishlist....but it could be much later in the year b4 I get the book and review it.

carol.....just call me Dizzy!

jay geenen said...

Hello Gals: I am not quite sure how to reach you people so I will use the comment section. I am jay geenen at I write novels such as 'The Iraqi Solution', Pieces of Eden' and 'The Perfect Shot'. The last novel is about choices in life and curling not guns. I am at and hope to hear from you gals. A review would be nice. Jay

Julie P said...

I guess Linky is over--UGH

I want to thank Jennifer from Reading With Tequila for recommending The Hunger Games! Here is my review:

CMash said...

WooHoo my first entry!! Thanks Julie for the review that you wrote on "These Things Hidden". You were right...this book was exceptional!!! The ending...I did not see coming. Fantastic book!! I rated it a 5/5. Thank you!!
My review is here:

Marce said...

I am not a Serial Killer was so good I had to read the next Mr. Monster, I definitely recommend.

Marce said...

I have read 7 so far and really enjoyed all the recommendations.

dollycas aka Lori said...

I had forgot to post my links here until today. Only 3 done so far nut a bunch are on my TBR pile just need to get reading them!

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