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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Hi Everyone!!  So glad you decided to join us in the 2011 The Three Rs Challenge.   As Gina stated, we will be having both, quarterly and surprise giveaways throughout the year.  Stop by often and let us know about all the great reviews you have found.   And remember to leave the blog's link so that we can all visit and possibly add another book to our already growing tbr lists.  I know that I have personally added so many books that I want to read because of all the phenomenal reviews I have read this past year, my first full year being part of this friendly and fun book blogging community.

A little history...I met Julie and Gina this past year from visiting their blogs and writing comments.  And from that, friendships have formed.  Not only do we share a love for books, but have found that we share similarities in real life too.  One thing you will notice is that we love to laugh and tease each other.  So please visit this site often and feel free to comment and join in the fun. 

My vision for this challenge is that it not only be a reading and recognizing challenge, but also being a BIG BOOK CLUB BLOCK PARTY!!!  We are hoping that more friendships will be formed, that we have a few laughs, share our thoughts and have discussions on books we read and give our blogging buddies the recognition they deserve for writing fantastic reviews.  Hope to see you on January 1st.  And until then, have a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year!!!


Julie P said...

You are awesome! I bow down to you, Rony.....

CMash said...

Hey Rook...while you are bowing down, could you do me a favor???.....Would you tie my shoe strings on my sneekers so I don't trip and fall!! lol

Dizzy C said...

I already follow your individual blogs and am now following here.

carol (DizzyC)

CMash said...

Carol: Thank you. And so glad you are joining us. Please stop by often, visit, and share in the fun. As you can see from the above comments between Julie and myself, we are busters. So don't be shy....jump right in!!!

Dizzy C said...

I am getting to know you all fairly well now and feel I can join in :)
looking forward to it!


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