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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Little, Small, Mini Challenge

I just realized something......DUH!!!only took me a couple of weeks for my brain to catch up. I suffer from those 2 dreaded diseases, C.R.S. and well most other people have senior moments but I have "senior days" lol. I have trouble remembering to do things for 1 blog and now my dahsboard is full and the three of us are trying to get into the same parking spot....only have parking permit. Where was I? Oh of my partners (can't remember which one) thought it would be fun if all the cohost had a "R" nickname. So I got right to work, even though very lame but thought Julie would be Rook as she owns a Nook, Gina has both a Nook and Kindle so she was Rindle and me, who has a Sony, was can stop laughing at me now and, if you have to,  run to the bathroom (because you are laughing so hard). So Self and I was thinking today, that this will be a mini challenge within the challenge,..What nicknames would you give us? Remember...the more comments the more chances of winning for a surprise giveaway so get those thinking caps on and let us know what you think. Can't wait to see what you think!!!


Julie P said...

I can't figure out how to get my review on here. Here is the link:

Marce said...

Rook, Rindle, Rony, lmao, I think you have to much time on your hands.

Misha said...

LOL Those are nice nicknames ;D
I can't think of any nicknames right now but I will think a little.

Julie P said...

How about Dumb, Dumber & Dumbest?!? LMAO

CMash said...

Marce: Just wasn't my

Hey Rook...Ask Rindle...You have to click on "Recognize"..DUH!!! Marce and Misha already did it and no problemo.

Ok Misha...get that thinking cap on!!

And rook....who are you proposing to give the honor of having the "dumbest" go to. Maybe the cohost who can't post a review LOL

Marce said...

Hmmm Dumb*** Rony, I have to agree with Julie, oh I mean Rook, should the recognise and reviews be seperate???

Recognise is so others can read the review and add more books to their Wishlist and to add to the challenge should be our review where we have read the book and recognise the blogger.

OMG I think I am more confused, making me catch the dubm*** fever, lol

CMash said...

Now I'm confused. I think after that question we need to regroup lol. Soooooo confused..Where's Gina (oops Rindle) She set this up...Oh Rindle..Paging Rindle, RINDLE you listening...we need help here!!!! lol

Dizzy C said...

Hi Girls,
there is an award for u over on my blog :)


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